CASA BELTRI Nuestro restaurante

Our restaurant

Casa Beltri, a symbolic building from the beginning of the 20th century, designed by the architect Victor Beltrí for the illustrious family Llagostera, is situated in the middle of an extraordinarily beautiful garden. Today the house is on the list of cultural hertige protected sites of Cartagena.

A magical atmosphere envelopes the guests on the colonial terrace, surrounded by “art nouveau” ceramics, and the journey back in time continues when you enter into the salons with their high ceilings and ornate decorations. The beauty to be found in every corner combined with the delicious taste of the dishes served here will please both the eyes and palates of all who come to enjoy our restaurant experience.

1 – El Retaurante-HD 720p from Casa Beltrí on Vimeo.